Our Story

Shamrock Vale Station is a locally owned and operated family farm in the beautiful Kerry Valley

Shamrock Vale Station Scenic Videography

Working the land since 1875

Shamrock Vale Station covers 5,200 acres with alluvial plains on the banks of the Albert River as well as our own Hidden Valley. The farm has a wide variety of cropping, cattle, honey production and other small business enterprises. Shamrock Vale Station is the Scenic Rim region’s premier Fullblood Goshu Wagyu stud producing top quality genetics. The property also has 1,000 acres committed to cropping producing Lucerne, Barley, Wheat, Corn, Soya Beans, Silage and other mixed grains for internal use of the Wagyu operations with surplus sold into regional markets.

With a holistic approach to farming our experienced team of locals has a reputation for producing good old-fashioned quality produce that endeavours to utilise locally sourced products wherever possible.

One of the major obstacles for most Australian farmers is water, fortunately we have a good supply with 2 x 250 million-litre dams which supplies an extensive underground irrigation network throughout the cultivation areas, plus a natural spring that creates its own creek, 9 water bores, and the beautiful Albert River which borders the cultivation area. This abundance of water on our farm allows us to extensively crop all year round.

The farm is largely self-sufficient in terms of the use of its own machinery to manage and produce production outcomes, this allows the farm to have a large degree of flexibility in what it does and when it does it. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we have installed multiple solar power systems throughout the farm, our largest 159 solar panel generates 30 KW inverter system.