Shamrock Vale Station
was established in 1875.

Mr. Richard Deerain and his Residence in Kerry, Beaudesert

“An example amongst his worthy neighbours.”

RICHARD DEERAIN, Born in 1855 in Tullamore, Kings Country, Ireland.  In 1862 at the age of seven, he immigrated to Australia with his family. The family settled on a small holding at Waterford on the Logan River, a renowned great Irish agricultural center. Unfortunately, Richard’s mother died shortly after the birth her third child.  When his father died, Richard and his brother sold the Waterford farm with a view to extending operations on a larger property.

Richard chose land at Kerry and established Shamrock Vale Station in 1875.  The fertile land offered wide scope for his agricultural knowledge he had acquired whilst working with his father.  On settling there, he built his house, married and became one of the best known and most highly respected residents of the district, one who by his industry, thrift, and uprightness was held up as an example amongst his worthy neighbours.  His original area was a farm covering 580 acres. The land was used for mixed farming, principally grazing and dairying, together with the necessary cultivation area for fodder and marketing.  As he was able to put the land to good use, he increased his holding to over 2,400 acres.

Shamrock Vale Station also has a unique and treasured place within the Australian horseracing community with links to the origins of Beaudesert Hibernian Race Club. On January 1, 1895, three local landowners – Richard Deerain, Edward Woods and Jeremiah Dunn – staged their inaugural charity race meeting as members of the Kerry Race Club at Shamrock Vale Station.